About us



The Lash Pharmacy was created by two woman who met on Facebook in the beauty community watching lives and joining makeup groups! Alyse works full time, is a mother of 3, AND has her own indie cosmetic line. She wanted something different and something no one has done before! Alyse loves a crisscross natural Lash that is round and not to full! Brooke is a stay at home mom of 2 and a military wife to a husband overseas with a passion for makeup! She is always in search for that perfect pm dramatic lash! After talking way too much on the phone and visiting they figured out they had a unique friendship! With a passion for anything beauty, talking daily about a vision, their dream has become a reality! Alyse and Brooke started ranting and raving about lashes. How they never get them in other subscriptions and can’t find that perfect am/pm Lash! Kiss our brain! We came up with the lash subscriptions! We had never seen something like it before and knew it was the perfect adventure! In 2018, The Lash Pharmacy was born! We want to give you amazing quality lashes and unique styles in a subscription! Why? Because one can never have too many lashes! We hope you enjoy The Lash Pharmacy and we can’t wait to fill your prescription at The Lash Pharmacy!

With love, Alyse and Brooke