Why MUAZee loves TLP

Why I love TLP

I love TLP because the lash quality is amazing. I am able to reuse the lashes a lot more than I have other brands I’ve used in the past. I love how dedicated the owners are to keep finding new styles and they offer so many different types of lashes. I also love TLP because of the subscription, which I’ve had since December. Since I have the subscription I really only pay $12 a lash (2 for $24 which is a deal) and then I don’t have to worry about buying anymore lashes for the month since the lashes can be reused as long as you take care of them. I’m also always know that they will send me something I will love. I think love the brand and the packaging is really what attracted me to TLP in the first place. Last but not least, I love TLP because the owners are such amazing caring people that not only put their heart & soul into the brand and customers, they really care about the brand ambassadors.

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