How to Trim your lashes- Damaris


Step 1: begin by carefully removing your lashes from its original tray.

DOS: Remove the lashes by either sides corner band.

DONTS: Not from the lash hairs or from the middle.


Step 2: once you’ve successfully removed the lashes from the tray, start by trimming the small amount of extra band from the front of each lash. Next, begin to measure one of the lashes to your unique eye shape. Then, follow the same step on the other eye.

DOS: Place the lash directly above your natural lash line. Wherever your natural lashes end is where you should cut. IF the lash fills your eye perfectly then you don’t need to cut.

DONTS: never cut the lash while it’s on your eyes! Always remove the lashes for any adjustments you may need to make.


CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just successfully trimmed your first pair of lashes.

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