How To Clean your lashes- Damaris


Step 1: begin by carefully removing your lashes from your eyes or from the tray in which you stored your lashes.

DOS: Remove the lashes by either sides corner band.

DONTS: Not from the lash hairs or from the middle.


Step 2: once you’ve successfully removed the lashes from your eyes or from the tray, begin by gently and carefully picking off the glue with your fingers.

DOS: pick with fingers until there’s no glue residue left. 

DONTS: never pick with tools as this can cause accidental damage to the band or the lash hairs.


Step 3: (optional) take a cotton swab with a tiny bit of alcohol and rub it along the lash band. This will ensure any germs are killed and your lashes are back to being brand new.

DOS: clean them regularly, preferably after each use, to ensure longevity.

DONTS: never soak your lashes in water and soap.


CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just successfully cleaned your first pair of lashes.

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