How to apply False Lashes

Alyse Kmieciak

1.Curl and apply mascara to natural lashes.

2. Take the lash from the package and pace it on your eye. There will be some extra lash that you will need to take off. Now its personal preference if you trim from the inner corner or the outer corner. One you have your lash measured trim the unneeded lash

3. Once your lashes are trimmed take your favorite lash glue and place a thin amount along the lash band. Let them sit for 15-30 seconds to get tacky before applying the lashes.

4. When the glue is nice and tacky place the lash band as close to the natural lash line as possible. Start From the middle and lay down the edges last. 

*Extra Tip: its easier to apply lashes looking "down". Take a handheld mirror and position it so your looking down and apply the lashes. *

5. Once the lashes are on take our Lash Clamps and "melt" the false lashes to your natural lashes.

6. Your ready to look FIERCE and KILL IT!